World Bank Highly Evaluated Growth Rates and Perspectives for Broadband Development in Russia
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

World Bank Highly Evaluated Growth Rates and Perspectives for Broadband Development in Russia

Moscow, January 21, 2014. — World Bank published the research, positively evaluating current stage of broadband development in Russia and perspectives of telecom networks development in further years. According to the research, Russia not only implements ambitious plan on broadband development, but is also among World and European leaders on the number of indexes on availability and quality of telecom services.

Rapid replacement of old fiber-optic communication bands with new ones was considered to be one of the most positive factors, influencing development of telecom infrastructure in Russia. In 2012 Russia connected 2.2 million subscribers of fixed broadband services via fiber-optic communication bands, this number exceeds figures of all EU countries. Thus, Russia became the absolute leader by this rate among European countries. In 2013 more than a half of Russian communication bands were fiber-optic, which allowed Russia to get ahead of the USA, France and Italy in terms of subscriptions to high-speed connections.

Quality of broadband services in Russia is also growing. In 2013 average speed of broadband connection in Russia was 7.45 Mbps/sec in comparison with worldwide average rate of 3.82Mbps/sec. Russia is among 24 world leaders with the fastest speed of Internet access, which is especially impressive, taking into consideration geographical particularities of Russia. Russia is ahead of Germany and France and close to Canada and the United Kingdom by the number of subscribers with the Internet access at speed of 10 Mbps/sec. Researchers provide assessments of Cisco, which forecasts increase of average speed of the Internet connection in Russia to 44 Mbps/sec by 2018.

Costs of broadband access in Russia are among the lowest in the world. In the number of indexes Russia is among global leaders on availability of broadband services. Price of Internet flat rate at the speed of 5 Mbps/sec doesn’t exceed 5% of monthly income of 90% of Russian households. In 2014 Russia took the same place as Switzerland according to methodology of the International Telecommunication Union.

Average rate of mobile Internet access penetration in Russia exceeds 60%. Rate of mobile Internet availability in remote Russian regions can be compared to rates in developed countries. Representatives of World Bank noted that these technical possibilities are used only by nearly 40% of mobile subscribers in Russia. Regarding this index Russia is close to Italy.

“Research of World Bank fully approves dedication of Russian government to active development of telecom infrastructure and significant contribution of this process in economic progress of our country,” says Nikolay Nikiforov, “Active construction of fiber-optic telecommunication bands is being carried out throughout Russia now. Thus, broadband services will become available to 97% of population by 2018. Positive evaluation of market conditions by World Bank allows to be optimistic about broadband perspectives in Russia.”

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