Rashid Ismailov Discussed Development of IT Sector in Crimean Federal District
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Rashid Ismailov Discussed Development of IT Sector in Crimean Federal District

Sevastopol, January 21, 2015. — Rashid Ismailov, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, made an official visit to Crimean Federal District. During his visit Rashid Ismailov discussed education of professionals for domestic IT industry on the base of Sevastopol State University (SSU), perspectives of development and current problems, faced by IT companies of the region. Deputy Minister noted importance of eliminating lack of personnel and support of Russian software developers, established in strategy on development of Russian IT industry.

Rashid Ismailov met with Valery Koshkin, Rector of SSU, Igor Tsymbal, Cochairman of Association of Sevastopol IT companies, Vladimir Dvoryanenko, Head of Department on Communications of Sevastopol and heads of IT companies Alvion Europe, group of companies SevStar, Agamaya, 1C-Rarus Sevastopol, group of companies ADVprofi, Extreme, RVC-IT.

Rashid Ismailov and Rector of SSU discussed IT specialties and directions of support of developers on the basis of university and also possible support of the Ministry and branch companies, perspective mutual projects. It was decided to start collaboration between Minsvyaz and university in outlined spheres and expand collaboration between SSU and subordinated by the Ministry universities.

“The region is going to develop collaboration between professionals, employers and universities, connect demands of companies with possibilities of universities, use various stimulating models for education of IT professionals and attract interested companies,” noted Rashid Ismailov, “It’s an appropriate point for regional growth. Actually, people are key assets of IT companies and Russian IT industry lacks highly-qualified professionals in this sphere. We will support development of regional universities, preparing highly-qualified IT professionals.”

Moreover, Deputy Minister discussed with heads of Association of Sevastopol IT companies and IT companies primary goals of IT development in Crimea, problems and challenges, faced by the majority of regional IT companies, possibilities to implement a complex of measures for their solution and development of additional measures to support regional IT companies.

“It was very important to hear about problems and expectations of regional IT industry and agree on mutual elaboration of some issues on Federal level. It will help the Ministry effectively complete plans on development of IT industry,” said Rashid Ismailov.

Rashid Ismailov on the meeting in Sevastopol State University, Jan. 21, 2015


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