Regions of Russia Will Get 550 Million Rubles on Development of Information Society in 2015
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Regions of Russia Will Get 550 Million Rubles on Development of Information Society in 2015

Moscow, March 5, 2015. — Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, carried out meeting of Subcommittee on the Use of Information technologies for Delivery of Public Services of the Government Commission on the Use of Information Technologies for Improving Quality of Life and Business Environment. The parties discussed delivery of subsidies on development of information society in regions of Russia, stage of implementation of new functionality of the Unified System of Interdepartmental Cooperation (USIC), introduction of Civil Registry Office Services on the United Public Services Portal (UPSP).

According to the state program “Information society (2011-2020)” regions of Russia will annually get subsidies on development of information society. Subsidies are provided on the competitive base. In 2015 it will be possible to apply for delivery of subsidies on implementation of following projects: creation of regional segment of unified federal interdepartmental system for consideration of students contingent, creation of unified regional system on management of automotive transport and urban land electric transport, development of mechanism for delivery of public services on civil registration and issue of electronic hunting licenses with the use of unified United Public Services Portal forms.

Subsidies for one region are limited to 10 million rubles and 30 million rubles for all projects of the region. Total amount of financing, provided for support of regional projects in sphere of information technologies in 2015 is more than 550 million rubles.

Effective use of subsidies is being defined according to the following criteria “Share of citizens, using public services in electronic form”. If the recipient of subsidies will not meet established rates, he will be obliged to return financial resources to the Federal budget, in amount, established by the Governmental decree №999 from September 30, 2014 “On forming, providing and distributing subsidies from the Federal budget to budgets of the regions of Russia.”

Requests will be accepted till 17:00 Moscow time of March 10, 2015. Requests will be opened on March 11, 2015. It is planned to summarize results on March 16, 2015.

Oleg Kachanov, Deputy Director of Department on Development of E-government of Minsvyaz, told about introduction of new functionality of SIEC, guaranteeing delivery of messages and decreasing costs on connection to new data. Eight regions of Russia, Pension Fund, Rosreestr, Federal Tax Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs took part in pilot project on introducing new functionality of the system.

Federal Tax Service has already started interaction with pilot regions in USIC version 3.0. Pension Fund, Rosreestr and Ministry of Internal Affairs are also going to start this work. Few Federal executive authorities are also going to transfer data to new version of USIC in 2015.

Interdepartmental requests on delivery of individual taxpayer number with the use of passport data in USIC version 3.0 were successfully launched in four regions of Russia — Moscow, Yaroslavl and Tyumen Oblast and the Republic of Mordovia.

Federal executive authorities and regions of Russia got recommendations to consider renewed methodological recommendations to the use of USIC version 3.0 till March 27, 2015. In case of necessity they will have to send remarks to Minsvyaz according to the established order.

Members of the meeting also discussed introduction of Civil Registry Office Services on UPSP in electronic form.

Minsvyaz plans to transfer these public services to electronic form using unified forms for delivery of applications on UPSP — concentrators that help to deliver applications from one personal account to another for signature of several applicants, transfer data on payment of state duties to regional systems, deliver status of providing public services, carry out bilateral communication between service provider and applicant and use electronic queue to public authorities. Pilot project on optimization of USIC services was launched in the Republic of Tatarstan at the end of 2014. Yaroslavl and Novosibirsk Oblast also joined this project.

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