Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Supported Idea to Establish International Rules of Conduct for States in Information Space
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Supported Idea to Establish International Rules of Conduct for States in Information Space

Geneva, May 26, 2015. — Rashid Ismailov, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, visited Forum of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and made a speech as a head of delegation of Russian Telecom Administration. The summit took place in Geneva. Full text of his speech is presented below.

“Your Excellences! Dear colleagues and guests! On behalf of Telecom Administration of Russia I want to thank you for invitation to the WSIS Forum 2015.

Results of WSIS+10 (adopted by consensus Statement and Concept) estimate achieved results and outline further activities connected with Program of sustainable development after 2015.

Annual WSIS Forum is n important platform and we should continue this work after 2015 for benefit of all interested WSIS parties.

Rashid Ismailov made a speech on WSIS Forum
Rashid Ismailov made a speech on WSIS Forum
Rashid Ismailov made a speech on WSIS Forum

Russia, as well as many other countries stands for adoption of corresponding decision by UN General Assembly.

International experience shows that innovations in ICT sphere, global and open Internet space are key to sustainable development after 2015. At the same time guaranteeing equal access of citizens to information is one of the most important goals of the Government.

However, there are still such problems as information security of every person, society and the Government, protection of right for privacy while using Internet and ICT.

International rules and principles of conduct for states in information space should be developed under authority of the UN for ensuring successful, stable and safe use of ICT. I want to draw attention of international community to initiative of SCO “Rules of conduct in the field of international information security”, distributed as UN document on the 66th session of the UN General Assembly.

International community pays special attention to topics, connected with Internet, because large-scale Internet failures can result in economic and social collapse. Internet should be able to resist external effects. Equal contribution of all governments is required for ensuring safe and stable Internet access for users throughout the world.

Along with the international community we are looking forward to transferring supervision of IANA function. We understand that contract terms on implementation of IANA function, developed solely by the Ministry for Trade of the USA, resulted in unequal model of governance. Delays in this process caused by unilateral refusal to give up this privileged role would be a great disappointment for all interested parties.

We suppose that protection of personal data is one of priority directions of work of WSIS Forum. Russia shares principles of accountability and responsibility of global Internet companies, concerning collection, storage and analysis of personal data and right of every citizen to manage personal space in Internet, excluding imposition of information and influence on its information field. We encourage all governments effectively protect rights of their citizens in Internet, regulate processing of personal data in national segments of Internet and regulate their openness in global network.

We can see that in theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but practically there is difference between them. Not all goals that were established 10 years ago are implemented today, that’s why we stand for continuing of WSIS process. Digital divide between developed and developing countries is one of the key factors eliminating further development. This gap is getting more qualitative than quantitative.

This year UN General assembly will summarize results of implementation of WSIS Forum decisions. All interested parties have done a lot for development of information society during the last ten years. I want to draw your attention to significant contribution of ITU, UNESKO, UNCTAD, UNDP and other UN organizations.

I wish all participants of the Forum success and interesting and productive ideas!

Thank you for attention!

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