Nikolay Nikiforov Encouraged ICT Community to Unite Efforts for Ensuring Technological Leadership of Russia
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Nikolay Nikiforov Encouraged ICT Community to Unite Efforts for Ensuring Technological Leadership of Russia

Innopolis, May 29, 2015. — Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, took part in the last day of conference “Information technologies for military-industrial complex”. Heads and IT directors of military-industrial complex, representatives of public authorities, heads of Russian and international IT companies took part in the meeting. Nikolay Nikiforov took part in discussion “IT as one of key factors of national security” and told about perspectives of achieving technological independence of Russia. Full text of his speech is presented below.

“Dear colleagues!

I think that conference “Information technologies for military-industrial complex” and discussion devoted to information technologies as a key factor of national security are of great importance today.

It’s symbolic that this event is being organized in Innopolis — an example of successful constructing of new city from the ground. It’s not an accident. Talented professional able to create added value and new products is a key factor in IT and high-tech.

It’s obvious that role of information technologies is high. I mean civil part of IT, not military-industrial complex, because Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications is responsible for civil sector. I’m going to present you few figures, characterizing implementation of these technologies today.

Last day of conference "Information technologies for military-industrial complex" in Innopolis, May 29, 2015

Nearly 58% of population is using Internet in the Russian Federation today. Almost half of them are using mobile Internet. During the last three years, number of Internet users in Russia has increased by 24 million people. Nearly 22 million users are connecting to Internet daily. About one thousand new users connected to Internet during our discussion today.

There are new opportunities, as well as new threats. New opportunities include effective e-government services, decrease of administrative burden for business, effective remote education, information technologies for delivery of health care services.

Increase of Internet penetration by 10% creates opportunities for economic growth from one to one and half percent of GDP. Russia is carrying out the largest global fiber-optic construction today. Our country possesses the largest territory, that’s why we are implementing such a large-scale project today. It’s an important infrastructural investment.

Vladimir Putin signed amendments to the law “On communications” enabling constructing of fiber-optic communication bands to all inhabited localities with population below 250 people. It is possible to use satellite communications in these inhabited localities.

We are also concerned about safety of IT. IT safety is one of the key factors of national safety today. Right of every person to inviolability of personal data should be carefully observed.

We all are aware about illegal facts of gathering users data in Internet that took place just about two years ago. That’s why it’s obvious that governments that want to be fully sovereign and posses full power over their information society should work on demonpolisation of software market. Society, enterprises and the Government should be provided with an opportunity to choose software, mobile devices and means of using Internet.

I think that this topic was fully discussed within conference “Information technologies for military-industrial complex”. All members of the meeting consider that the Russian Federation should speed up development of information technologies and take part in global IT rush. Innopolis and similar projects are mechanisms for participation in this rush.

Professional is a key in all IT developments. He should be provided with appropriate conditions for life, study, work and recreation. I’m happy to see that leading developers are taking part in our conference today. I’m sure that achieved agreements will be the basis for further development and strengthening of our position on global IT market.

I want to thank you all for intensive work and wish you further success. We should possess all spectrum of technologies not only for internal use, but also produce competitive products for global IT markets.”

Nikolay Nikiforov also took part in solemn ceremony of foundation stone lying of new building of Rostec on the territory of Innopolis.

Agreement between Minsvyaz and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan on organizing and conducting beta testing of the state information system on housing and public utilities on the territory of the Republic Tatarstan was signed on the last day of Forum. Nikolay Nikiforov and Ildar Khalikov, Prime Minister of Tatarstan signed the document. 

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