Single Personal Account of a Citizen Will Be Created on the Unified Public Services Portal
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Single Personal Account of a Citizen Will Be Created on the Unified Public Services Portal

Moscow, July 22, 2015. — Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, carried out a meeting of Subcommittee on the Use of Information Technologies for Delivery of Public Services of the Government Commission on the Use of Information Technologies for Improving Quality of Life and Business Environment. Members of the conference discussed key performance indicators of e-government infrastructure, development of subsystem of single personal account on the base of the Unified Public Services Portal (UPSP), functional and technical requirements to regional segments of the state information system Contingent.

Minsvyaz prepared suggestions on integration of departmental and regional portals and multifunctional centers with the new single personal account of a citizen on the UPSP. Unlike existing personal account of the user, new single personal account will be the base for interactions between citizens and the Government.

Implementation of the project will provide UPSP users with an opportunity to monitor application status, get access to applications history and data on applicants. The system stores results of interactions between applicants and executive authorities, contains data from multifunctional centers and provides access to the single personal account from all official Federal, regional and local portals.

It is planned to expand this service. Citizens will get data on payments and notifications about necessity to get some public service. It will be also possible to carry out pretrial appealing against decisions of public authorities or public officials and monitor processing of complaints.

Single personal account will make delivery of e-services more convenient and, thus, increase share of citizens, receiving public services.

Implementation of this project will also ensure integration of personal accounts of official portals with the Unified System of Identification and Authentication (USIA). Users that have personal account on USIA will be able to use the UPSP and other official departmental and regional portals.

“Creation of single personal account is of great importance. Existing structure has diversified and segmental character. There are various departmental websites and personal accounts. Creation of centralized e-government infrastructure should result in unification of these structures. It’s important that such large structures as Pension Fund and the Federal Tax Service are participating in this pilot project. It guarantees high quality and relevance of information,” said Nikolay Nikiforov.

Functional and technical requirements to regional segments of the Unified Federal Interdepartmental System for Consideration of Contingent of Students Enrolled in Primary and Additional Educational Programs (Contingent) were presented on the meeting. Working group on creation of interdepartmental system previously approved these requirements.

Introduction of the system will solve problems with unbalanced loading of educational establishments, absence of data on actual and planned number of students and will help to plan development and education of pupils in Russia. The project involves all regions of Russia, 50 thousand kindergartens, 42 thousand schools, 11 thousand hobby groups and more than 500 institutions. Concept and road map for development of the state information system Contingent were approved.

Functional and technical requirements will ensure personified consideration during the whole period of study for all members of interaction, including parents and teachers. It will also minimize manual data entry, ensure bilateral data exchange between regional segment of the system and applied regional information systems and use of e-government infrastructure.

Regions of Russia got recommendations to start development and introduction of regional segments of the system and deliver data on status of works till September 1, 2015. Full launch of the system is planned for 2016.

Members of the meeting approved passports of some base state portals. Particularly, the Uniform State Register of Rights to Aircrafts and Transactions Therewith, General Register of Permits on Construction and Commissioning of Facilities, Register of Licenses on Pharmaceutical Activities for Veterinary Use, State Register of Medicinal Remedies for Animals and Supplementary Feed, Register of Licenses in Telecom Sphere, Federal Information Addressing System and other resources.

Members of the meeting also approved unified functional and technical requirements to regional information systems, accepting applications on delivery of services on reception and issue of documents on state registration of acts of civil status in regions of Russia and applications on issue and abolition of hunting licenses of unified federal issue, consideration of issued and revoked hunting licenses in regions of Russia.

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