Results of Subscription Campaign for the Second Half of 2015 Were Summarized
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Results of Subscription Campaign for the Second Half of 2015 Were Summarized

Moscow, July 23, 2015. — Alexey Volin, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, carried out a meeting devoted to results of subscription campaign for the second half of 2015. Subscription circulations decreased by 9.5% compared to the first half of 2015. This decrease reveals decrease in consumers’ demand.

Commodity turnover in Russia will decrease by 8.2% according to forecasts of Ministry of Economic Development. This data shows that subscription dynamics corresponds to general economic situation. Decrease on automobile, apparel and household appliances markets will reach 25–30%. It shows that subscription has higher priority today.

Many readers are also shifting to electronic newspapers and magazines. This results in natural decline of printed media by 5% annually.

Russian Post received state subsidies till the end of 2013. They didn’t make any positive influence on dynamics of subscription circulation. Amount of state support reached 3.5 billion rubles. Annual decrease of subscription circulations reached 6–7%.

Subscription tariffs on delivery of daily newspapers by Russian Post for the second half of 2015 were maintained at the level of 2014. This measure helped to support the most important socio-political mass media. Tariffs on delivery of other printed media were indexed below the level of inflation in 2014.

Russian Post spend nearly 700 million rubles on support of subscription campaign in the second half of 2015. Particularly, minimum of threshold circulation, required for 17% discount on subscription was reduced from ten to five thousand copies for regional media. 17% discount was maintained for Federal mass media with circulation over 220 copies. 25% discount was provided to all publishing offices of district mass media.

Russian Post also carried out two National subscription decades and provided additional discounts on delivery of newspapers and magazines: 5% discount on Federal mass media and 10% on regional and local media. More than 3 million subscriptions were registered during two subscription decades: 1.7 million on Federal media and 700 thousand on regional and local mass media.

There is a great difference in subscription among regions. Decrease in subscription circulations reached 35.5% in Magadan Oblast, at the same time subscription circulations increased by 18% in Sverdlovsk Oblast

Results of subscription campaign for the second half of 2015 are presented in the table. 

Subscription circulations increased
1.Sverdlovsk Oblast 
2.Krasnoyarsk Krai
3.The Republic of Adygea
4.Bryansk Oblast 
5.Ivanovo Oblast
6.Novosibirsk Oblast
7.Pskov Oblast
8.Ryazan Oblast
9.Saint Petersburg
10.Stavropol Krai
Subscription circulations remained at the same level (+1,5%)
1.Novgorod Oblast
2.Smolensk Oblast 
3.The Republic of Chuvashia
4.The Republic of Tatarstan
Subscription circulations decreased less than by 10%
1.Tver Oblast
2.Ulyanovsk Oblast
3.The Republic of Khakassia 
4.Tambov Oblast
5.The Republic of North Ossetia (Alania)
6.Moscow Oblast
7.The Republic of Mordovia
8.Amur Oblast 
9.Astrakhan Oblast
10.Belgorod Oblast
11.The Republic of Bashkortostan
12.The Republic of Buryatia
13.Vladimir Oblast
14.Volgograd Oblast
15.The Republic of Dagestan
16.The Republic of Ingushetia
17.Irkutsk Oblast 
18.Kaliningrad Oblast 
19.The Republic of Karelia
20.The Republic of Komi
21.Kostroma Oblast
22.Krasnodar Krai
23.Kursk Oblast
24.Lipetsk Oblast
25.Murmansk Oblast
26.Yaroslavl Oblast
Subscription circulations decreased from 10 to 20%
1.The Republic of Altai
2.Altai Krai
3.Arkhangelsk Oblast
4.Vologda Oblast
5.Voronezh Oblast
6.The Kabardino-Balkar Republic
7.Kaluga Oblast 
8.Kemerovo Oblast 
9.Kirov Oblast 
10.The Republic of Mari El
12.Nenets Autonomous District
13.Orenburg Oblast 
14.Orel Oblast
15.Penza Oblast 
16.Perm Krai
17.Samara Oblast 
18.Sakhalin Oblast 
19.Tomsk Oblast 
20.Tula Oblast 
21.Tyumen Oblast 
22.The Republic of Udmurtia
23.Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District 
24.Chelyabinsk Oblast 
25.The Chechen Republic
Subscription circulations decreased from 20 to 30%
1.Jewish Autonomous Oblast 
2.Zabaykalsky Krai 
3.The Republic of Kalmykia
4.Kamchatka Krai
5.The Karachay-Cherkess Republic
6.Kurgan Oblast 
7.Nizhny Novgorod Oblast 
8.Omsk Oblast
9.Primosrky Krai
10.Saratov Oblast 
11.Khabarovsk Krai
12.Chukotka Autonomous District 
13.Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District 
Subscription circulations decreased more than by 30%
1.Magadan Oblast 
2.Rostov Oblast 
3.The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
4.The Republic of Tuva


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