Rashid Ismailov: “Government is Becoming an Intermediary for Entry of IT Companies into New Markets”
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Rashid Ismailov: “Government is Becoming an Intermediary for Entry of IT Companies into New Markets”

Moscow, September 10, 2015. — Rashid Ismailov, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, visited joint stock company Russian export center and met with Petr Fradkov, Director General of the enterprise. Russian IT companies and branch associations Otechestveny soft, Association of Computer and Information Technology Enterprises and RUSSOFT took part in the meeting. Members of the meeting discussed support and promotion of export of Russian IT products and services.
Rashid Ismailov presented up-to-date development directions of IT industry. Particularly, increase of export amount. Corresponding goal was established in approved by the Government “Strategy on development of information technologies in the Russian Federation for 2014–2020” and for the perspective till 2025”. 
Support of export of IT products and services is one of the key goals of the industry. However, it hasn’t been fully implemented yet,” said Rashid Ismailov, “I’m happy that leading IT companies and associations take part in this meeting today. Russian export center can help them with certain problems and topics required for entry into international markets.”

Meeting of IT companies on development of export, Sept. 9, 2015

IT exporters are worried about such problems as difficulties with mobilization of financial resources on external markets, need for additional financial and credit support, requirements to licensing and certification of software abroad, lack of legal protection, information support and absence of data on international tenders. Rashid Ismailov also told about necessity to expand participation of Russian exporters of IT products and services in large international IT events.
“For a long time the Government didn’t participate in development of IT industry,” said Deputy Minister, “Today we have our leaders in certain segments of IT market. We understand that it’s necessary to unite efforts of all interested Russian and foreign parties in order to withstand global competition. The Government should be an intermediary of this process.”
Head of Russian export center encouraged members of the meeting to prepare their suggestions for creation of road map on development of export potential of Russian IT industry taking into account amount of required resources, amount of financing and potential for growth and entrance of IT companies into international markets. “Russian export center is a place where Russian IT companies can implement their ideas,” said Petr Fradkov, “If we create a fully operating mechanism on the base of this center than information technologies will be able to become one of priority directions of our work. It is closely connected with all other industries.”
Joint stock company Russian export center is a specialized organization of Vnesheconombank. It is operating according to one stop principle and was created for work with exporters in sphere of supportive measures, including interaction with branch public authorities. Creation of this center was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Decision to establish a company was approved by the Supervisory Council of Vnesheconombank on April 13, 2015.

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