New Satellite Express-AM8 Was Placed into Orbit
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

New Satellite Express-AM8 Was Placed into Orbit

Moscow, September 15, 2015. — Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation reports about successful launch of satellite Express-AM8. Booster rocket Proton-M placed Russian satellite Express-AM8 into orbit. Launch took place on September 14, 2015 at 22 pm Moscow time from Baikonur cosmodrome. Satellite was detached from transfer orbit stage at 4 hours 37 minutes on September 15, 2015. Express-AM8 is being managed by specialists of the FSUE Satellite Communications for further verification of its efficiency, testing of all systems of the satellite and its placing into exploitation. Board equipment of the satellite is being deployed now. Express-AM8 will be placed on geostationary orbit in the position of 14 degrees west longitude. It will cover citizens of European part of Russia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America with modern telecom services and broadcasting.
Satellite Express-AM8 was created at the expense of non-budgetary funds within the Federal target program “Development of television and radiobroadcasting in the Russian Federation in 2009–2015” — OAO Academician A.F.Reshetov Information satellite systems and French company Thales Alenia Space on the order of the FSUE Satellite Communications. Term of active operating of the satellite counts 15 years. It is equipped with transponders C-, Ku- and L- frequency ranges.
"Launch of Express-AM8 is a new stage in development of satellite communications and broadcasting. Russian satellite will cover South America and unite four continents,” said Nikolay Nikiforov, “It’s important that the satellite was launched at the expanse of the enterprise without money of taxpayers. We expect that the satellite will remain operative the whole term.”

Express-AM8 was launched within the largest Russian program on development of satellite communications of civil value. The program was launched in December 2013, when satellite Express-AM5 was placed into orbit. Express-AT1, Express-AT2 and Express-AM6 were launched within the program in 2014.
Orbit group of geostationary space vehicles consists of 16 satellites: 12 satellites of the FSUE Satellite Communications — Express-A2, Express-AM2, Express-AM3, Express-AM5, Express-AM22, Express-AM33, Express-A4, Express-AM44, Express-AM6, Express-AM7, Express-AT1 and Express-AT2 and four satellites of Gazprom satellite systems — Yamal-202, Yamal-300K, Yamal-401 and Yamal-402.
It is planned to launch satellite Express-AMU1 till the end of 2015. It will cover Russia, Europe and Africa with television and radio broadcasting and communication services. 

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