Alexey Volin: “We Won’t Disconnect Analogue Television”
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Alexey Volin: “We Won’t Disconnect Analogue Television”

Moscow, October 22, 2015. — Alexey Volin, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, carried out plenary meeting of the VI International Conference “Digital&Connected TV Russia 2015 — Digital broadcasting and new ways of video content delivery. Interactive services in modern networks.” Representatives of TV companies, broadcasters and producers took part in the conference. 
Alexey Volin told about created by Minsvyaz strategy on development of television and radiobroadcasting till 2025. The document established possibility for multiscreen viewing. There will be different ways for delivery of television signal. Content will be distributed in various transmission mediums and on various devices. Viewers will be able to use off-the-air reception, delivery of signal via satellites of cable networks, mobile platforms and IPTV. The same viewer will be able to select various transmitters.
On-air broadcasting will be no more the main way of TV content delivery. More than a half of the population already uses cable, satellite and Internet television, over the top and mobile applications. Share of such TV viewing will be constantly growing, especially taking into consideration project on construction of fiber-optic communication bands to small inhabited localities with population over 250 people.
On-air broadcasting will remain the obligatory element of television broadcasting, because it’s required for ensuring minimal Federal standard of media consumption. 10 TV channels in digital quality are currently available to all citizens of Russia, their number will increase up to 20 channels after 2018.
Works on organization of on-air broadcasting of high definition will be launched in 2019. On-air high definition broadcasting should be ensured for first and second multiplexes by 2021. This process requires frequencies that’s why it’s important to keep existing frequency range.
More than a half of viewers are already using fee television. Share of fee services will be growing. Viewers are ready to pay for high-quality content and additional services. Advertisement will remain the main source of income for television.
“Production of content requires money. High-quality and unique content requires a lot of money. Just 5-6 large market players can afford this. We should pay special attention to them, because they provide national television,” said Alexey Volin.
Deputy Minister also told that analogue television will be maintained. “It will exist until there will be resources to finance it. Government subsidies on broadcasting of channels in cities with population below 100 thousand people will be provided till 2018,” noted Alexey Volin.
He also told that today there are no financial resources required for launching of third multiplex of television channels. There are no regional companies in Russia that are able to spend 12 billion rubles annually only on transmission of digital terrestrial signal. 
“What about regional companies? They should switch to cable, mobile applications, OTT, Internet. Regional TV channels should be able to sell this audience to advertiser. Otherwise, there will be no sense in technical progress for them,” said Alexey Volin, “More than 10% of viewers will use IPTV and OTT in just two years.”
Alexey Volin also told about new laws. Absolutely new legislative base for television industry was established within the last two years. Certain frequencies were allocated for television, operators can’t introduce amendments to content without coordination with channels. Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network was selected as operator of digital terrestrial television. List of must carry channels was expanded up to 20 channels. Single sequence of TV channels was established. Connection points to multiplexes were defined. Operators were provided with guarantees that technical connection services and technical exploitation will be paid. 
Alexey Volin also told about distribution of television channels in Internet. He noted that 20 must carry channels are obligatory to distribution in all transmission mediums. “Internet is one of transmission mediums. Distribution is not a right, it’s a responsibility. It’s a responsibility of provider, which has a license and agreement with subscriber. At the same time he ensures stream media, doesn’t change content, maintains sequence of channels and takes connection point from the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network,” said Deputy Minister.

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