Alexey Volin: “There Will be No Mass Media in Russia Without Advertising”
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Alexey Volin: “There Will be No Mass Media in Russia Without Advertising”

Moscow, October 23, 2015. — Alexey Volin, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, took part in the conference “Day of brand-2015” and told about activities of Minsvyaz aimed at support of mass media and role of advertising in development of media. Representatives of industry-specific ministries and public authorities, top figures of companies, experts of advertising market and top managers of communication agencies took part in the meeting. 
“The Ministry pays special attention to advertising market. There will be no mass media in Russia without advertising. I mean not only mass media, but all high quality products. There are two financing sources — own resources or state resources. But the Government can’t finance everyone,” said Alexey Volin, “Level of media consumption in Russia is very high today. Our citizens got used to high quality serials, shows, sport translations, premieres and good magazines. All these mass media exist due to advertising. Our citizens would consume foreign products without advertising.”
Deputy Minister also noted that amount of advertising significantly decreased throughout Russia in 2014. Support of mass media is required for eliminating this tendency. 
Alexey Volin told that Minsvyaz developed bailout plan for support of media industry. This plan is aimed at providing mass media with possibility to earn due to expanding their opportunities on advertising market. It is suggested to return advertising of alcohol in mass media, lift restrictions on prescribed medicines, transfer responsibility for advertising from publishers to advertising spender, don’t consider news ticker in total amount of advertising and increase amount of advertising space for newspapers and magazines.
Deputy Minister also told about activities on eliminating advertising of pirate websites. “We’ve created first list of such companies and got relatively quick feedback. We’ve established working groups that are aimed at preventing allocation of advertising on all pirate websites,” said Alexey Volin, “We don’t take any additional measures now, collaboration should be well-balanced. We already see positive changes. We think that the idea to prohibit advertising on pirate websites legislatively won’t work. That’s why we are going to use informal methods in order to eliminate advertising on pirate websites.”

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