Nikolay Nikiforov: “We Should Gradually Develop the Aspiration to be Global”
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Nikolay Nikiforov: “We Should Gradually Develop the Aspiration to be Global”

Moscow, October 30, 2015. — Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, got acquainted with modern Russian technological developments, presented on the Open Innovations Forum. The Minister also got acquainted with products and developments of technoparks residents in sphere of high technologies, created within the complex program supervised by Minsvyaz. Nikolay Nikiforov took part in the panel discussion “Russian IT leaders. Plan of market capture or survival tactics?”.
“Geopolitical challenges that we are facing today are a backup factor for development of IT industry,” said Nikolay Nikiforov, “We should use this opportunity and unite our efforts Meeting of BRICS ICT ministers just took place in Moscow under the guidance of Minsvyaz. Our order paper in terms of import substitution, information security, fair competition on IT market and support of alternative software developers for its demonopolisation and diversification fully meets order papers of all BRICS-countries. BRICS-countries are open and are waiting for Russian developers.

Open Innovations Forum, Oct. 28, 2015

Nikolay Nikiforov noted that half of global population lives in CIS-countries. It’s nearly half of all market.
Dmitry Dyrmovsky, Director General of Speech Technology Center, Pavel Gudkov, Director General of the Foundation for assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, Sergey Morozov, Director General of Datadvance, Vsevolod Opanasenko, Director general of T-Platform, and Andrey Sviridenko, Chairman of the board of directors of Russian venture company, took part in the session.
Nikolay Nikiforov discussed prolonging of benefits on insurance premiums for IT companies. “We introduced suggestion to prolong benefits on insurance premiums to the Government and we will maintain our position and other initiatives on support of IT exporters.”
In 2015 number of accredited by Minsvyaz companies exceeded five thousand. Such companies pay 14% from payments in favor of individuals.
IT companies that receive such benefits showed significant growth of revenue and calculations to the budget of Russia in 2011–2014. Total revenue of these companies amounted 305.2 billion rubles in 2014. Total amount of tax on income of individuals, paid by such organizations exceeded 17.8 billion rubles without tax deduction in 2014.
In 2014 average number of employees in such IT companies counted nearly 136 thousand people — 34% of total amount of all employees of IT industry. Average salary of these employees reached 84 thousand rubles. It’s 1.7 times more than the average salary in IT industry and 2.6 more than the average salary in economy in general.

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