Preliminary Results of Work of the Unified Public Services Portal Were Summarized
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Preliminary Results of Work of the Unified Public Services Portal Were Summarized

Moscow, November 18, 2015. — Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications summarized preliminary results of work of the Unified Public Services Portal (UPSP) in 2015.
Significant increase in the number of Federal services ordered by the UPSP users was noted. Users ordered 24.3 million public services during nine months of 2015 compared to 12.3 million services ordered during the same period of 2014. Number of regional services ordered by users was increased by 274% compared to the same period of 2014 — from 213 thousand services to 799 thousand. Number of ordered municipal services increased by 63% — from 296 thousand to 482 thousand. 
“Increased popularity of e-government services is connected with accessibility of e-government services from mobile devices, simplified interface of the Unified Public Services Portal, mobile application for all key smartphone operational systems and obvious advantages of e-government services. This way of services delivery also saves time,” said Vladimir Averbakh, Director of Department for Development of E-government. 
Number of users, registered in the Unified System of Identification and Authentication (ESIA) increased by 7 million people. 36% used simplified registration procedure, 29% used standard procedure and 35% used approved by personal visit registration. Nearly 20 million users are currently registered in the system. Among leading regions are Primorsky Krai (41%), Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Yugra (36%), Tyumen Oblast (34%), Kaliningrad Oblast (34%) and Yamalo-Nenets autonomous District (29%). 
Among the most active UPSP users are citizens of Moscow (33.6 thousand visits per day), Moscow Oblast (21.2 thousand visits per day), Saint-Petersburg (13.2 thousand visits per day), Sverdlovsk Oblast (7 thousand visits per day) and Kemerovo oblast (6.4 thousand visits per day).
Among the most popular services are verification of penalties of the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate, tax debts, enforcement proceedings in the Federal Bailiff Service, issue of foreign passports and informing about state of personal accounts in the system of retirement insurance. 
It is also possible to conduct electronic payments and save data on means of payment on the UPSP. During the last year amount of electronic payments increased threefold and reached 1.7 billion rubles.
For the first time result of e-government service is used in commercial sector. The user can get service of the Pension Fund of Russia and get data on the state of personal account in the system of obligatory retirement insurance with one click. The reference is assured by digital signature of the Fund and can be further delivered to bank or other organization via email. This service was used 1.3 million times starting from launch of the service in the third quarter of 2015. Six banks accept excerpt for loan application review from individuals. 

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