Mikhail Evraev: “Increase in Salaries Will Reduce Queues and Increase Quality of Service in Postal offices”
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Mikhail Evraev: “Increase in Salaries Will Reduce Queues and Increase Quality of Service in Postal offices”

Moscow, November 19, 2015. — Mikhail Evraev, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, took part in the meeting of the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Telecom Employees devoted to the 110th anniversary of the Trade Union. Deputy Minister congratulated industry professionals, noted high level of interaction between the Ministry, trade union and Russian post in the areas concerning improvement of conditions for employees and development of industry.
Mikhail Evraev told about activities of Minsvyaz aimed at improvement of legislative framework for postal industry and modernization of the FSUE Russian Post. "We’ve carried large work this year: approved development strategy of the enterprise till 2018 and concept on development of postal communications till 2020, prepared new version of the Federal law “On postal communications”. New developments include state electronic postal system, new licensing conditions, additional norm concerning quality of shipping and services in postal offices,” noted he.
Deputy Minister also told that reforming of logistical infrastructure of Russian Post resulted in reduced terms of written correspondence delivery. According to Roskomnadzor data share of interregional written correspondence reached 93.3% as of third quarter. Terms of correspondence delivery reached 92.3% in Moscow. Index of interregional flow reached 69.9%. “We suggest increasing this index from 90% to 95% for increasing quality of parcels delivery,” said Mikhail Evraev.
Deputy Minister also presented results of survey of the Public Opinion Fund. 74% of respondents are satisfied with work of Russian Post compared to 24% that are not satisfied with quality of work of the enterprise. Results of survey show significant improvement in operating of the enterprise. 
Russian Post is also working on development of financial services delivered with the use of plastic cards. Russian Post and VTB are working on creation of postal bank.
“The Ministry approved list of postal offices which will be the base for delivery of bank services. There will be no combination of posts. This measure will help to eliminate queues. It is also planned to increase salaries of employees,” said Mikhail Evraev.

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