Russia Started Creating Into-Telecommunication for FIFA World Cup 2018
Министерство цифрового развития, связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации

Russia Started Creating Into-Telecommunication for FIFA World Cup 2018

Moscow, November 24, 2015. — Project on construction of unified info-telecommunication infrastructure for FIFA World Cup 2018 was launched in 11 regions of Russia, taking part in its organization. The project was launched prior to FIFA World Cup 2018. Telecommunications networks, telephony, professional radio communications TETRA and services for television broadcasters will be provided during the competition.
Minsvyaz, autonomous non-profit organization “Organizing Committee Russia-2018”, regions taking part organization of the competition and state corporation Rostec are involved in the project.
Minsvyaz is responsible for providing fixed communication lines, videoconferencing, professional radiocommunications satellite communications and cable television.
Creation of info-telecommunication infrastructure was already launched. Rostec is the single executer of development of the system project “Development of telecom and information technologies for preparation and organization of FIFA World Cup 2018 and FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 in the Russian Federation”.
Rostec specialists will evaluate existing resources of telecom operators that will be used for creation of single info-telecommunication infrastructure and analyze demand for its development by the end of 2015. They will also provide financial evaluation of total costs, required for creation of info-telecommunication and analyze demand in its development. List of telecom operators that will provide telecom services will be created. They will construct two communication channels: main and reserve for ensuring stable communications. 
Rostelecom will provide videoconferencing by the end of 2015. The company won open competition. Videoconferencing studios will be provided with all necessary equipment, communication lines will ensure high-speed data transmission. The system will ensure videoconferencing between offices of “Organizing Committee Russia-2018” in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan.
It is planned to create working group consisting of representatives of organizing committee, Minsvyaz, Rostec, largest telecom operators and Arena-2018 responsible for monitoring of projecting and construction of stadiums for FIFA World Cup 2018.

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